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Blueberry plants

Blueberries and Blueberry plants for sale online.

Generally Blueberry Plants are classed according to ripening or picking time.

  • Early to Mid season
  • Mid season
  • Mid to Late
  • Late season

So in areas such as Michigan which is a big Blueberry producer, you will have varieties that will fruit from Early July through to Mid september.

They are also classed in terms of 'Chill Factor'.

  • This is the number of hours required below 45 F to set fruit.

Other factors

  • Fruit Taste.
  • Yeild.
  • Suitabilty for container growing.
  • Attractivmess of the bush itself.

Blueberries plants and trees are readily available for sale online and have become one of the most popular berries of all for the home gardener.


  • Vaccinium Chandler is the largest of the blueberries

  • Vaccinium 'Brigitta'.
  • Vaccinium 'Sunshine Blue',
  • Vaccinium corymbosum or 'Northern Highbush Blueberry'
  • Vaccinium angustifolium or 'Lowbush blueberry'

    are all popular species and cultivars for sale.
  • Early to Mid season Varieties
    Duke, Hannahs Choice, Polaris, St Cloud, Sweetheart, Bluejay, Huron, North Blue, Northland, North Sky, Patriot, Spartan, Sierra

  • Mid season
    Bluecrop, Blue Haven, Caras Choice, Chippewa, Draper, Friendship, Blue Ray, Elizabeth, Superior, Toro, Ornablue, Herbert, Little Giant, Meader, Rubel.

  • Mid to Late
    Berkley, Bluegold, Brigitta Blue, Bonus, Coville, Jersey, Legacy, Nelson

  • Late season
    Aurora, Elliot, Liberty, St Cloud.


Blueberry plants are available for sale from the following growers

STARK BRO'S NURSERIES& ORCHARDS CO. - phone: 1-800-325-4180 fax: 573-754-8880
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Full line of fruit including Blueberry.

BLUEGRASS BLUEBERRIES - phone 270-432-5836
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8080 Subtle Road Edmonton, Kentucky 42129 - email kbga@scrtc.com
Blueberry bushes, seeds etc listings.